The I-CAT New Generation scan (cone beam scanner) adds the newest and most advanced diagnosis technology to obtain digital radiographic images of the teeth, jaws and face. The I-CAT scanner doesn’t look like the bulky medical equipment from a hospital. The benefits are superior to other scanners, for the quality of the images we get, as well as the amount of time used in the exploration and the minimum doses of radiation that emits.
The I-CAT New Generation scanner allows knowing beforehand the quantity and quality of available bone, its anatomical distribution and the exact distance to adjacent and near structures. This allows knowing beforehand the precise localization of the implant, its size and orientation, to have a fastest and safest procedure, and a more comfortable post-operative care.
The I-CAT New Generation scanner allows as to obtain images of the jaws without having to leave our facilities.


  • Fastness and comfort. It acquires the images in between five to fifteen seconds, while the patient is comfortably sit in a non-claustrophobic environment.

  • High quality images in the three axis of space to real scale with a submillimeter resolution.

  • Maximum information with a mínimum of radiation. The reduction of the radiation doses received by the patient if of 90% comparing with a traditional medical scanner. Even the protocol of pediatric exploration allows a child to receive half of the dose of an adult.

  • The obtained images are totally compatibles with the potent computer programs of dental implants planning, minimally invasive guided surgery and orthodontics-surgical planning.