The diseases in the temporomandibular joint are a subgroup of painful facial problems. The abbreviation TMJ is the initials of TemporoMandibular Joint. The main symptom of this problem is the pain in the joint. It may appear suddenly or develop during months or years with intermittent frequency and intensity. It’s also accompanied by cracking, the incapability of opening the mouth normally (jamming), headaches and even pain neck.

The cause of this problem, in some cases, is not known yet although it seems to be related with the tightening of teeth consciously or unconsciously (bruxism), trauma or blows to the chin or mandible, arthritis of other joints or psychological factors such as stress, anxiety or anguish conditions.
The professional, besides doing a correct history and physical examination, will search for some or several trigger factors that we quote before.


  • Arthrocentesis or washed of the joint through a puncture. Usually it’s performed under local anesthetic.

  • Arthroscopy. In the way as in other joints, you can insert in this joint an optic or lens through which what happens inside the joint is observed and the problems get corrected. It’s performed under general anesthetic and the patient rejoins his/her activity immediately, since it’s not so uncomfortable.

  • Open surgery (through incision or wounds) Depending on the severity of the symptoms you can resort to this kind of treatment. In this subject exist numerous techniques of which implementation depends on the kind of treatment.